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Our Thinking

I am a 15 year old boy that lives in the germantown community, so today i have went around asking random black people questions about philly today. I’ve asked them like, how could we make

Black and Blue: Police Brutality

Police brutally should be stopped because of what it’s doing to our community.Police should be fired from their jobs instead of being suspended from their job.In my opinion, it seems every week new names of

Black People Problems

Why do you think the black community has a higher rate of poverty than white communities?  A black male named Jordan that I interviewed said “Because there is a stigma of racism and blacks are

Inequality in philadelphia

As I walked through this predominantly African American community called Germantown, I asked a certain question “ How do you feel about public white schools and public black schools“? The answers I have received back

Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is big in the African American community in the 20 century. I went around to multiple people and asked them how they felt about teen pregnancies. Do you think young pregnant students should

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