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Black on Black crime in our Nation

Did you hear about the senseless shooting in Cleveland a few weeks ago? There was a 32 year old black man that was on Facebook Live, confessing all kinds of crimes that he did and

Black Woman Power

I'm Diamond and I am writing about black women and what sets them apart from others cultures. I went all around my neighborhood and asked a bunch of people what they think?  What's there sentiment?,

If My Friends Malcolm and Martin Were Here

I went into the community to ask them a few questions relating to donald trump and most of people answers was not positive but all of them was not negative .one question that i asked

Black and Blue: Police Brutality

Police brutally should be stopped because of what it’s doing to our community.Police should be fired from their jobs instead of being suspended from their job.In my opinion, it seems every week new names of

Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is big in the African American community in the 20 century. I went around to multiple people and asked them how they felt about teen pregnancies. Do you think young pregnant students should

Stop Hating

I, Ahaniya, a student from Mastery Charter Pickett Campus, went into my community and asked people what was the most problems people face in their community. This is what some people had replied back to

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