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Wildstylez sharpest haircuts in philly

I took a trip to wildstyles barbershop a black owned business in germantown to ask a few questions about how is it being a black barber in philly. I asked one of the barber's his

Yadain: Oils and Body Product

On Wayne Ave, of Philadelphia, PA, there is a shop with body oils and health essentials such as lotion, shea butter, and etc. The inside of the store is set up extremely neat and professional,

Truck Driving Businesses

Mr.Kitt Phone Number:215-882-0073 Location: Tow truck driver; he’s everywhere Hours Open: 10am- whenever Owner: Anthony Kitt Why did he/she start this business?: He was into towing and decided to open his own shop and work

Creative Minds Daycare

An affordable ,safe and loving childcare center that stands out on Germantown Avenue is the Creative Minds Daycare Center. It is a great place for the black community. Ms Phaedra, the owner worked in the

Clean. . .”I Mean Clean”

This young brotha's business is a throwback.  I Mean Clean is a sole proprietorship that does old school cleaning by appointment.  The slogan is "Where Elbo Grease and Youth Join Forces".  This is because the

Cellas Creationz

Research : Cellas Creationz Location : 6th & Master   Prices : perm $50             Wash blow dry and curl $40              sew -in $70   People : My grandmother has been doing hair for over 25

Rose Petal Cafe

Located on the streets of 3322 W Chelten Ave located in Philadelphia PA, you’ll see a beautiful restaurant known as Rose Petals Cafe. Many may have not heard of this cafe, this is why we

Writing OUR history

 The black writers museum was a place where black African Americans wrote books, historic documents, photographs, manuscripts, newspapers and more other things. The black writers museum collects those books to show to the generation today

Buy Black and Get the Hook Up

Does sound familiar? If not, the IBUYBLACK card gives people an incentive to shop at black owned stores. You would go into participating stores, present your card to them and get a discount on

A Museum of Our Own

The African American Museum is located on 701 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, it is an amazing attraction if you are looking to learn more about historical African American figures in  Philadelphia. From my experience

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