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Crab Daddy’s United Crab Shack


What made you want to sale crabs? Pickett asked. “ Well the matter of traditions, it's a summer food!” Customers come back 2 or more times per week. Crabdaddys location was determined by the demographics. Located at 6910 Cobb's Creek is an intersection that brings Yeadon, Southwest, West and Upper Darby together. A question asked a

Black on Black crime in our Nation


Did you hear about the senseless shooting in Cleveland a few weeks ago? There was a 32 year old black man that was on Facebook Live, confessing all kinds of crimes that he did and killing random people. Because of his girlfriend breaking up with him, he started to get violent and uncontrollable. On May.

Mean Meals With Deals (Bizini’s)


Are you looking for good food ? Well you can get some at Bizini’s on Ogontz and Lindley Av. Owner “Gill” is trying to sell good, healthy, & affordable food. Gillś  brother,  a diabetic, is the inspiration that put him into the food business. He says that he is looking for any customers in general.

Health Center for Me and You!!


Having any health related issues? Go check them out at Health Center 9. Health center 9 is a clinic located on 131 E. Chelten Avenue. They take in all races and Ethnicity's from Philadelphia. Some of their services include: diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses, medical check ups medications for enrolled patients, prenatal

Inequality in philadelphia


As I walked through this predominantly African American community called Germantown, I asked a certain question “ How do you feel about public white schools and public black schools“? The answers I have received back was that public white schools are better organized their is  more communication to parents and students and education is given

Young Pregnant Females


Young pregnant teens manage a baby & still get a good education by staying focus & having a good support system.Pregnant teens can stay Healthy by eating good food,vegetables,fruit & participating in the wic Program of philadelphia.There are free programs all over the the city to help pregnant teens in need called 1.Momobile #215-972-0700 2.The

Poverty In The Black Community


As I walk down the streets of germantown asking men, women, and teens what I think happened to be the most important questions that cross the minds of blacks, One question happened to be why do you think the black community has a higher rate of poverty than white communities? A black male named jordan

Truck Driving Businesses


Mr.Kitt Phone Number:215-882-0073 Location: Tow truck driver; he’s everywhere Hours Open: 10am- whenever Owner: Anthony Kitt Why did he/she start this business?: He was into towing and decided to open his own shop and work with cars. Why did she pick this location?: He thought that this was the best place to apply his services.

Rose Petal Cafe


Located on the streets of 3322 W Chelten Ave located in Philadelphia PA, you’ll see a beautiful restaurant known as Rose Petals Cafe. Many may have not heard of this cafe, this is why we are creating this website to help businesses like Rose Petal Cafe stand out more. Owned by a african american man