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A Little School House on the Main Street


The Concord School House was built in 1775 till 1889 by Jacob Knorr locatiated 6309 Germantown Ave (Germantown & Washington Lane Philadelphia 19144),Mr.Knorr built this School for African Americans Soldiers from Battle of Germantown in the American Revolution (Built 1692 Upper Burial Ground ). This was significant to black people because black people were able

Black and Blue: Police Brutality


Police brutally should be stopped because of what it’s doing to our community.Police should be fired from their jobs instead of being suspended from their job.In my opinion, it seems every week new names of victims of police violence appear in the media.A 12 year old black boy from Cleveland fatally shot by police while

The Mother of the Black Church


In Philadelphia there are many historical places African Americans should know about like Mother Bethel African American,the johnson house and many more. Mother Bethel AME was founded in 1787 and the church is one of the oldest pieces of land continuously owned by African-Americans.  Mother Bethel AME was one of the first African American churches

Hair Salon… Lean’s Salon


With many places to get your hair done it seems to be even more narrow every time.  You might have a regular ol' hair salon to go to but why not try a place that is even better, called Lean’s hair salon.  It's a wonderful spot with friendly employees to greet you with a smile

Sharpest cuts in town: “The Proper Image”


Located at 326 W Chelten Ave, this barbershop offers is haircuts of course but they also take care if women hair. The price range is from $10.00 to $60.00. The owner of this barbershop is a women by the name of Ms.Anne.  This barbershop is no where close to the only barbershop/hair salon since there

The Stenton House


The Stenton House is located on 4601 North 18th Street, Philadelphia PA 19140 & was open in the 1730's .  The Stenton House allowed slavers to escape in the underground railroad and get their freedom.Home of the Logan Family. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, the Logan's were prominent Quakers and we're actively involved

Hunger Relief


There is a 20.5% of African American children in Philadelphia PA that  struggle eating. More than 300,000 children in our area lose their school breakfast and lunch meals during summer break. More, because of parents might not be able to afford to get food in their house! I  have a great place for you to

Wildstylez sharpest haircuts in philly


I took a trip to wildstyles barbershop a black owned business in germantown to ask a few questions about how is it being a black barber in philly. I asked one of the barber's his name is leem i asked him is it stressful being a black barber in germantown. He responded with every job

Writing OUR history


 The black writers museum was a place where black African Americans wrote books, historic documents, photographs, manuscripts, newspapers and more other things. The black writers museum collects those books to show to the generation today about the history of those written books by blacks. Back when the black people wrote the papers and books, this