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The Little Concord School House


The Concord School House was built in 1775 till 1889 by Jacob Knorr locatiated 6309 Germantown Ave (Germantown & Washington Lane Philadelphia 19144),Mr.Knorr built this School for African Americans Soldiers from Battle of Germantown in the American Revolution (Built 1692 Upper Burial Ground ). This was significant to black people because black people were able

The Power of Black and Nobel


There is a black business called Black and Nobel, and it is located on 1409 W Erie Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140. You can reach them by calling (215) 965-1559). Black and Nobel’s purpose for opening up was to educate all black people about health and knowledge of self, through books. Their focus is to sell

D&C Lollipop Care


On 416 E Chelten Ave is a daycare named "D&C Lollipop childcare LLC". This place is owned by Dorothea and Christian.  They take care of peoples' children while they're at work. This business is run by two African American woman. They bring a safe and calm vibe toward children and grown ups. "It is very

Black Woman Power


I'm Diamond and I am writing about black women and what sets them apart from others cultures. I went all around my neighborhood and asked a bunch of people what they think?  What's there sentiment?, Sheena currently 45 her perspective was “black women are independent,confident in themselves. live for god. high self-esteem and take care

Heaven’s Best Hair Salon


Rhonda is the owner of Heaven’s Best Hair Salon in West Philadelphia. She and the other top notch stylists do hair,nails,and other stuff for you to look pretty.Their affordable hair styles go from $40 and up. Along with keeping you pretty Rhonda encourages Black Women to put god first, follow your dreams, and stay focused

If My Friends Malcolm and Martin Were Here


I went into the community to ask them a few questions relating to donald trump and most of people answers was not positive but all of them was not negative .one question that i asked was ḧow do u feel about donald trump being president . First i asked an African American lady named Lekesha,

Our Thinking


I am a 15 year old boy that lives in the germantown community, so today i have went around asking random black people questions about philly today. I’ve asked them like, how could we make our environment better “make it more easily to live in or how could make it more comfortable for blacks”. Some

Creative Minds Daycare


An affordable ,safe and loving childcare center that stands out on Germantown Avenue is the Creative Minds Daycare Center. It is a great place for the black community. Ms Phaedra, the owner worked in the field as an educator for 18 years; I wanted to open my own center. I gained the experience and the

Need a Tow to Mr. Kitt’s Auto Shop?


Around the neighborhood of Germantown, I thought about a mechanic's business owned by my uncle. The mechanic’s business is called Mr. Kitt; he doesn’t just work on cars, he tow’s cars as well and provides services in neighborhoods that don’t have their own provided services. It’s not just Germantown, it’s other neighborhoods, too. He started