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Clean. . .”I Mean Clean”


This young brotha's business is a throwback.  I Mean Clean is a sole proprietorship that does old school cleaning by appointment.  The slogan is "Where Elbo Grease and Youth Join Forces".  This is because the owner, Ahmeen, never uses a mop.  Instead, he pays special attention to every inch of the job and cleans by

Stop Hating


I, Ahaniya, a student from Mastery Charter Pickett Campus, went into my community and asked people what was the most problems people face in their community. This is what some people had replied back to me: Alexis: Being racially profiled as unsuccessful individuals, not enough safety for kids/people of the community, the lack of education

Learning and Achieving Daycare


During my research I ran across a guy named Daryl is the owner of Learning and Achieving Daycare Center located on Erie Ave. I ask Daryl many questions about his daycare center ,and just a little background on his life and how he came about owing a daycare as a black man today. I bought

Ton’Sure Cuts


If you're in the Broad Street area looking for a great haircut Ton’Sure is the the place for you. They have tvs to entertain their customers while they wait to get a haircut. The prices range for kids from 15-20 and for adults 25-30 it may seem like it's a lot but at the end

Yadain: Oils and Body Product


On Wayne Ave, of Philadelphia, PA, there is a shop with body oils and health essentials such as lotion, shea butter, and etc. The inside of the store is set up extremely neat and professional, this is a store of extreme care and takes care of their customers. This store is known as Yadain. Originally,

Z and Z: The Give Back Distributors


Z and Z is not just your everyday distributor.  They do more than just wholesale.  They are a real resource for the community.  They distribute beverages, snacks, cleaning supplies and many other items for businesses and the general public.  Their price ranges are competitive and they even carry halal products. They also have a Give

Wild Styles In The SKY (Claris)


“ Welcome, what kind of style would you like ? “ That’s how Mrs. Claris greets you at this intimate salon. Inspiring herself, she opened an African American Braiding Salon. The name is Clari’s. Braiding runs in her family, so doing hair was never hard nor new to her. This salon is located at her

Natasha Somalia Hair Smiles


Natasha Somalia is an independent owner of her own hair salon. Sister Natasha will make sure she greets you pleasantly. She makes sure that her customers are comfortable before being dealt with, as everyone should be right? When asking her what motivated her to open up her own hair salon she said the realest answer

Valley Hope Agency


Volley Hope is a good place to go for helping against drug addiction.  The services that are provided in different ways all help people get off of drugs and alcohol addiction problems. There are a lot of people that need help in the world. This place is excellent for our people who are experiencing problems

Young Black Artist in the Making


Denzell Hairston is 24 years old.  He grew up in West Philadelphia having a passion for writing. Although, he had been through many difficult times he still managed to persevere. Even at a young age, Hairston started to write his own stories, but he had insecurities believing that nobody would ever reader it, or even