Denzell Hairston is 24 years old.  He grew up in West Philadelphia having a passion for writing. Although, he had been through many difficult times he still managed to persevere.

Even at a young age, Hairston started to write his own stories, but he had insecurities believing that nobody would ever reader it, or even look in its direction. Yet this did not stop him, he had finally decided that he should write his own book ; which is now a reality called “Real G’s Move In Silence” it is now out on Amazon and Kindle, he sold over 1000 copies and now trying to write another book.

His book is about a boy named Nell finishing up a five year sentence, going back into to the streets trying to reclaim his throne. A lot of bumps are in the road as he tries to reclaim his throne.  A serial killer is on the loose running around Philly shooting other drug dealers. Three sisters have turned against each other and Nell’s time trying to get back as “the man” is almost over.

  Hairston had many difficulties trying to get where he is now, one of them was getting his work copyrighted, he thought “I could just send it to myself and get it self copyrighted”. But, he actually had to go and pay to get his work copyrighted. It was also difficult for him to get a ISBN number and to get it published he figured maybe if he give it to someone who supported him along the way, and give it to more people and then give it to bookstores or put it online maybe even more people will start to read them. And in fact his methods had worked, he had made over 300 dollars after selling over 1000 copies and  he doesn’t plan on stopping just yet.

     As he went on he figured that the people he was around would show some support but nobody did. His friends believed that just buying his book would be enough support,but it was not. His drive came from reading books, for he didn’t care about which type of novel it was. As long as they had a message and the author had a point. Alongside his writing,he also was in a business of landscaping with his dad, working part time at a gas station and now working at the Juice Radio Show.

     He’s now starting to write a part two to his story.  He had an interest in creating a movie about his books which he wants to pursue. He is now shifting gears in his life and just wants to focus on his business, he published his first book a year ago and only had started writing 2 years ago, meaning it didn’t take him a long time to write his novel. There has not  been a time where he wanted to stop writing. Even in the difficult times he continued to write furiously allowing him write even more in 2 weeks than he had wrote in his first 20 chapters and then he would stop for 3 to 4 months and write 5 more chapters. It seemed as though the hard times lead him to be more successful.

written by Sydney