On Wayne Ave, of Philadelphia, PA, there is a shop with body oils and health essentials such as lotion, shea butter, and etc. The inside of the store is set up extremely neat and professional, this is a store of extreme care and takes care of their customers. This store is known as Yadain.

Originally, it started in Brooklyn but spending 13 years in Germantown, Yadain is a store that sells organic health supplies and is favourited by many for that reason. With most of the employees Muslim and the owner being black himself, they plan to inspire young black people by showing them how to be their own boss, mentoring them on what to do in life, and even having the boss of the shop telling them his story, letting them know that they are  not alone and made the same mistakes.

With the professional set up of the store and it’s dark but very relaxing light setting, this brings a good vibe to at least 9 out of 10 of its customers. They feel as though the products also to the same magic of bringing good feelings and happiness since the resource they use are all natural.

If anyone who is reading this has hear of Yadain or buys their products from there, we hope that you can better support them by making suggestions and letting other people know of them to support this well organized store.

by Jamal R