I took a trip to wildstyles barbershop a black owned business in germantown to ask a few questions about how is it being a black barber in philly. I asked one of the barber’s his name is leem i asked him is it stressful being a black barber in germantown. He responded with every job is stressful but it pays the bills.  I also asked leem prices and other products they sell he told me 10 for kids 15 for teens and 20 for adults they also sell hair products that were created by black people

The barbershop has been around for years and they give out some sharp haircuts.  There atmosphere is very positive and i can feel the love they share with customers. The people there are nice folks and u can have a good conversation with them. I advise people to get there haircut from there.

Wildstylez purpose for opening up was to create a place for black people to get a haircut and feel safe. Further wildstylez is a unique barbershop and the owner wanted to give young barbers a chance to make money instead of running the streets. Wildstylez also offers free hair washes and other resources they also sell  clippers to people who want to learn to cut hair. The barbershop is just overall a good business. I had a good time asking questions and meeting the people there.