“ Welcome, what kind of style would you like ? “ That’s how Mrs. Claris greets you at this intimate salon. Inspiring herself, she opened an African American Braiding Salon. The name is Clari’s. Braiding runs in her family, so doing hair was never hard nor new to her. This salon is located at her home. Yes, she always wanted it bigger but never had that type of opportunity. However, this way allows her to do what she loves conveniently.

Mrs. Clari’s is so satisfied within herself that she shops at her own salon. That means, yes there’s other merchandise like pocketbooks, lip gloss and African Garments. She chose to sell these to support other African Americans.

Customer satisfaction? Oh,they love it. They love the fashion and exclusive styles. It was even said that she inspires them, not even with just hair braiding. You know the saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know”?  Well, you need to get to know Mrs. Claris. She is highly recommended. CHECK HER OUT!