On earth there are over a billion of people and not everybody eats meat or dairy on earth. In Philadelphia’s Germantown section there is a vegan cafe for people who don’t eat meat or dairy. The vegan cafe is called ”The Nile cafe” and it’s located on 6008 Germantown Ave., near High street. The Nile Cafe was created because they wanted to help African American with the number one problem with they bodies and that’s is the diet. There is a lot of black people who are overweight and The Nile Cafe  believe they can help them out with that. The Nile Cafe sells many of diet meal to help the community and some of the famous meals are the bbq chicken,chicken salad and the fish. Some of the prices for the food are 10.50,4.75,and 3.75.  They even help less fortunate people who  live in the community and need like a water or sandwich they just ask that they help around the place for the food.

The atmosphere is great in there u are around a lot of people just like you. Soon when u walk in they greet you with a nice great and while you eating they are playing smooth  jazz music. The people in there are all about positive vibes and health. The Nile Cafe been open for 20 years now and they are still running because people think they have a good impact on the community. They have Sunday classes  at 3 o’clock about African spirituality.  The people in there are really helpful and some of there names are m]Mr. Khetab, Mrs.Corinaldi and brother mensa. If you looking for a good vegan cafe advice u to go the the Nile Cafe and if you have any question about there they number is 215-the-nile

written by J. Dunbar