There is a black business called Black and Nobel, and it is located on 1409 W Erie Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140. You can reach them by calling (215) 965-1559). Black and Nobel’s purpose for opening up was to educate all black people about health and knowledge of self, through books. Their focus is to sell books and things like shea butters, lotions, and creams that would help black people’s health. Their place is set up with African carvings and they have best selling books and shea butters lying around the store. The store also believes that black people should stop trying to help white businesses and instead make sure their own businesses are doing good. This is a outstanding place because it is somewhere blacks can go to get resources and empower their own businesses, get knowledge, get health products, get books, and also gain ideas for starting their own business. The company is basically the place to go for health products and books to educate blacks.

written by D. Gibson