The Concord School House was built in 1775 till 1889 by Jacob Knorr locatiated 6309 Germantown Ave (Germantown & Washington Lane Philadelphia 19144),Mr.Knorr built this School for African Americans Soldiers from Battle of Germantown in the American Revolution (Built 1692 Upper Burial Ground ).

This was significant to black people because black people were able to come to Germantown to go to school.Why didn’t Jacob Knorr continue these schools these schools for black people? According to the manger at the museum they say that he(Jacob Knorr)  didn’t continue to because not a lot of people believed in doing things like that for black people back then.What made him want to start up these schools for students ?He started up these schools due to blacks not being able to go anywhere to be taught about things that they weren’t taught in the South.What type of things did you teach us black people?History ,Math,& Reading .Was it a type of school where you could stay overnight or did y’all send them back home?There were some that stayed & some that left due to it not being a lot of space

written by A. Thomas