I, Ahaniya, a student from Mastery Charter Pickett Campus, went into my community and asked people what was the most problems people face in their community. This is what some people had replied back to me:

Alexis: Being racially profiled as unsuccessful individuals, not enough safety for kids/people of the community, the lack of education opportunities and lack of support system set in place to help them go forward, meaning needing an extra push or reassuring smile that everything will be okay.

Qydair: When People don’t have nobody, it’s not much they go look forward to in life, so they become corrupted , looking for support in all the wrong places.

Another question that i asked was : How do you think black people can fix problems in their community, and this is what they said:

Alexis : I think black people can fix the problems in our community by standing as one and not seeing each other as the enemy. If we can agree and be strong, those on the outside that’s breaking us down will see we ain’t weak animals nor failures.

Jermare: If we stand together as one we can make changes if we don’t let everyone judgements bring us down showing we are weak , instead of following leading.

Tom: Letting people know what we are capable of and if so, everything will fall into place instead of being a ripple effect.

Qydair: We can stop the hate ,the judgemental comments and racial looks .

Lastly , the final question that i asked was: “What’s your opinion on asking what are the problems from different age groups” , and they had said :

Alexis: my opinion on asking “what are the problems from different age groups” is that i wouldn’t separate” all” with age , we all face the same problem getting far in life and we can reunite come together as one.

This is what the community responded to my questions.