Need health insurance? Primerica would be the perfect place for you. It’s located at 3101 Lawrence St Philadelphia, PA 19148. There is a man named Robert that works there and owned the business. I had asked him a couple questions on how he get people into doing Primerica. The first question I asked him was how you can get people In his business. “He said well he try to talk to people around the area about life insurance so they can be good if anything happens to them or their family”. The second question I ask him was, “why do you wanna help people get life insurance”. He replied,” that most people don’t have it or have a good amount of it,so I want to make sure that’s OK”. The last question I ask was, “do you like your job”. He said,” I love my job, I feel better knowing I’m helping people get life insurance”. You can contact him at 267-240-3654.

written by J. Pratt