I am a 15 year old boy that lives in the germantown community, so today i have went around asking random black people questions about philly today. I’ve asked them like, how could we make our environment better “make it more easily to live in or how could make it more comfortable for blacks”. Some other questions i asked was, “how could we fix are black schools today”like “how could we make it better for blacks”, and the last question was “how does donald trump physically and mentally affect black people jobs”etc,and so what some people said about my questions. “How could we make our environment more comfortable to live in” people responded, “advertisers around the neighborhood, positive speaker, positive role models, take guns off the streets,fire racist cops, stop closing down prisons for schools”. Other question i asked was”how could we fix black schools today”. Lots of people responded, teachers that understand are background, better book, cleanness, education, pay teacher the amount money they should get, start a child education in the house , so the can come to school in the right mindset. The last question that was asked, was”how does donald trump physically and mentality effect black people jobs” people responded, the stuff he say out his mouth make people feel very uncomfortable , make people feel not equal like their income, “WANTS TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” breaking away are allies, taking money away from the poor, also he predus.