Natasha Somalia is an independent owner of her own hair salon. Sister Natasha will make sure she greets you pleasantly. She makes sure that her customers are comfortable before being dealt with, as everyone should be right? When asking her what motivated her to open up her own hair salon she said the realest answer I probably would’ve ever heard , “  I wanted my money all to myself, when working with someone you have to give them some of your money”, she explained.  Although, the money  is a real thing, she truly cares about her clients. I say this because she chose her location so that she could be closer to her clients.

Her top merchandise is the Cashmere Oil, and from personal experience it keeps my hair light and moist.  She said she started this business because this is all we ever wanted to do.

Yes, this place is open to all religions but it amaze me how many Muslim women come together just to support their sister. Inshallah! The rest will do the same.

written by Jayda