During my research I ran across a guy named Daryl is the owner of Learning and Achieving Daycare Center located on Erie Ave. I ask Daryl many questions about his daycare center ,and just a little background on his life and how he came about owing a daycare as a black man today. I bought up questions such as: What made you want to peruse this business, How does this business benefit your community, Do you have any further goals or is this your long term goal, and lastly what’s your plans on having a successful business? He responded to these questions by saying  how he wanting to be his own boss and provide job opportunities for his community, and how his future goal is to be part owner of an charter school & to also have several businesses. He told me that helping parents with child care and providing job opportunities is benefiting enough. Concluding this interview he said that by maintaining a successful business he will continue to be an assistance to the growth of the youth. People like Daryl go unnoticed and go unrecognized and by writing this review it gives you intel on being black and owing a businesses.

by amirrah