I went into the community to ask them a few questions relating to donald trump and most of people answers was not positive but all of them was not negative .one question that i asked was ḧow do u feel about donald trump being president .

First i asked an African American lady named Lekesha, age 35, and she responded and said “i believe he should not be president because he does not show a positive example to kids ¨ and she added that fighting is never the answer when there is an issue .

Second i asked an african american named paris, age 23, and he said¨ i do not understand why so many are against donald trump i get that he is not a good example to some people but but i think he is going to change America¨.

Then i asked him ¨ïn a good way ?¨ and he responded and said ¨ yes of course “

Then, i went inside the community and asked them “if malcome x and martin luther king was still alive do they think african americans would be treated better then how we are being treated right now ?”

An african american man, named kevin, responded and said “if malcome x and mlk was still alive donald trump would not be president.¨ then i asked him do he believe america would be different¨. “ yes ! i strongly believe african americans wouldnt have as many issues “