by Jamal Price

Did you know that between 1976 and 2014, 294,000 students went to a HBCUs according to  How pathetic is it that only a few black people know what a HBCU is?  Many people in our community believe that schools should teach their students about HBCU history because it reveals that HBCUs helped black people in the 1840-60’s get the right education black people needed. Some examples are Cheyney University and Lincoln University, both in Pennsylvania, are two of the many black colleges that gave black people education. The more African Americans students, and any students in general, know about HBCUs, the better.

Although everyone should know about HBCUs, it may be too late because rumor is  Donald Trump, the U.S. president, is trying to take funding from HBCUs. When I ask staff members at Mastery Charter Pickett Campus, they all agree that this is not fair. One staff member at Mastery states that, “What Trump is doing is completely unfair. I believe he’s trying to push black people further down.” Another staff member suspects that Trump is doing because he thinks that HBCUs are discriminating white people. If Trump really believe that than I’m gonna have to disagree with him because Bluefield state college,who have 85% of white and 10% of black attending,and Kentucky State University who have 61% if black and 19% of white attending says otherwise according to These are one of more HBCU colleges that are diverse on their campus. If you have a chance to choose a college, I highly recommend you choose a HBCU like Fisk University. Fisk University has many opportunities for young African Americans to have while attending Fisk, for example, pre-medicine for all our young doctors and science and engineering for our bright mines.