I’m Diamond and I am writing about black women and what sets them apart from others cultures. I went all around my neighborhood and asked a bunch of people what they think?  What’s there sentiment?,

Sheena currently 45 her perspective was “black women are independent,confident in themselves. live for god. high self-esteem and take care of her children sometimes all by themselves.

Ashley currently is 25. Her perspective is that she black people as a whole are just looked at diffrently.

Ms Fletcher is another person of who I ask and she is currently around her 20s and I ask her what key differences between black and white woman?  she said black people struggle more and black people get looked at differently are called different names and have different treatments and so different things I also ask her if. Black women was to be In charge how would that make black men feel? She said it would make black feel and look like weak because men are supposed to take the job and suppose to take control even though they don’t show it not saying that they shouldn’t they should and that’s why it’s their job to be in control

written by Diamon