Why do you think the black community has a higher rate of poverty than white communities?  A black male named Jordan that I interviewed said “Because there is a stigma of racism and blacks are viewed as poor, so social structures try to keep us in the same place, which is poverty”.  Others seem to agree; yet, there were a few who said it was because of OUR educational system.  Overall, it seems that they all believe that our poverty level should be changed.

My final question, why do you think black history only gets one month to celebrate all their accomplishments? This seemed to get the most passionate responses from the community.  One lady said to me that  “Because it’s not that important in our society to be reminded of black history, so it’s just another way to downgrade us” ; another person simply said “Because white history is more important than blacks”.  Yet it seemed the majority of the community came to the conclusion that we shouldn’t celebrate black history for just one month, it should be celebrated EVERY DAY before that and after it to show how important it is to U.S history.  

By: Taliyah