Police brutally should be stopped because of what it’s doing to our community.Police should be fired from their jobs instead of being suspended from their job.In my opinion, it seems every week new names of victims of police violence appear in the media.A 12 year old black boy from Cleveland fatally shot by police while holding a fake gun and this took place in November 2014.Another incident that involved a police was in Oklahoma City police Daniel Ken Holtzclaw faced charges for allegedly sexally assaulting 13 women in 2010.

I asked a couple people in my community about how they feel about police brutally and they all basically said police treat us blacks with no respect.One teenage girl said that police think they have more authority over us because of their job.  It’s cops that over doing their job. I remember when a teenage boy named Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a white man and was accused of somebody he didn’t do when he was just buying an Arizona juice and some skittles.I just hope sooner or later all this racial actions towards black people will end and I promise you life would be better for us black people.

written by Luyanah