Today, I took a walk around Germantown and I went to take a gauge on  how black people believe they’re being treated. I got a variety of opinions on how black people are being treated in the community of Germantown. One of the questions I asked was “Do you think there’s enough black owned businesses in Germantown?” The ajority of the answers leaned towards “No”, citing reasons like blacks not supporting blacks or Black people are spending their money at white owned businesses , black businesses dying out because black people aren’t shopping at the black owned business.

My second question I asked the community was “Do you think there’s enough diversity in Germantown ?”  when I asked this question the opinions I got were 50/50.  There are not many other ethnicities, the majority of the population is black and white that does live around here, there aren’t many other races/cultures.  

Blacks aren’t remaining oppressed because of the Lack of diversity in Germantown , blacks are remaining oppressed because blacks aren’t supporting blacks, we don’t need other races for our success.  We  need each other and we don’t have each other.  Since we face diffuculties getting good businesses and mortgage loans it creates a certain perception of the community; it makes it seem that we can’t obtain wealth.

In Germantown, we have the perfect storm. There’s a lot of black people and black businesses that can be supported. Therefore , I encourage other blacks first, when they get more money and begin to become more wealthy that they don’t move out of the community, they stay in Germantown and help make the community a better place instead of moving to a different part of the city and coming back to Germantown to start business.  Support other blacks and shop at black owned businesses.  It may even be little stuff so much as to getting lotion, body washes,  from shea butter stores  owned by black muslim instead of spending your money at Walmart or Target and those kind of stores that don’t specifically help other black people.

written by Aeysha J.