The African American Museum is located on 701 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, it is an amazing attraction if you are looking to learn more about historical African American figures in  Philadelphia. From my experience the place was very educational. While attending the museum and listening to the stories of people like Thomas Morris Chester, Octavius Catto, and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper I couldn’t help but to feel the pain and struggle that these African American Philadelphian citizens had to face in order to have equal rights.

It has given me a new perspective of the hardships each and every African American between the 1700s-1900s had to face. The overall experience was pretty good as the museum was kept up nicely and staff were nice and friendly. I recommend going to the African American museum if you are looking to learn more about the history of African Americans in Philadelphia.

Some things you do need to know before you visit the African American museum is that it is a self guided tour; but if you do want someone to guide you don’t be afraid to ask. You also want to be cautious that there are certain exhibits you can only see on certain days of the week.

written by S. Atwood