Teen pregnancy is big in the African American community in the 20 century. I went around to multiple people and asked them how they felt about teen pregnancies. Do you think young pregnant students should go to regular school or a school just for them? Should parents help and support their child in this situations?

Jules, 27 year old gave his opinion on the questions .

“A pregnant teenager should stay home until she gives birth, so that her presence would not be an encouragement to her peers to also indulge in premarital. She also should’ve continue with regular school until she give birth to her child . She should apply for a school for only young pregnant teens just incase she feels uncomfortable in the school she’s in now.  The Parents should let their daughter sort of lead the way and make choice on their own as an adult. I do think parents should mentor their child for any help or concerts and be their guide .”


Pregnant female high school students should stay in regular school and should be allowed to attend the regular classes and school also

His daughter got pregnant when she was in her teenage years and she choose to keep her baby and he knew he needed to help cause she couldn’t do it on her own so he did help her.He does think parents should should help their kids even if they were wrong for even getting pregnant at such a young age.

Megan,21, said

She thinks pregnant teens should continue regular school cause it’s nothing different with the other school besides it’s just all young pregnant teens so they should stay in the school that their in now.

Thinks if your daughter is pregnant you should help them out because it’s not all the child’s fault and when your child becomes an adult they might hold that grudge against you that you weren’t there for them.

Christina,50, said

Pregnant teens should go to regular schools cause you will get more education than going to schools just for pregnant teens.

Parents need to support their kids cause their still young and don’t knon where to go or who to turn to in this type of situation because sometimes their scared to tell there parents.

Kamesha,30, said

Teens who are pregnant should go to schools just for them so maybe they could get pregnant classes there to help skill them more on being a parent

Parents should help their kids no matter what the outcome to all of it is but you can only help them to a certain type of extant.

Farrah,28, said

Teens who are pregnant are not that different than others but besides that their just pregnant but they shouldn’t go to a different school and they should just stay on the school that their in now.

Mind thinks parents should help their kids because kids who feel later on down the road that they parents didn’t love them any more so parents should help out in some way.

Latoya,23, said

Pregnant kids should go to a school just for them because they might get some good advice and it may have a free babysitting center there if they don’t have no money for daycare.

The parents should help out just so that the kids know that they have people who care and love them a lot and they have the support that they need and want.

Sam,37, said

Pregnant teenage girls should go to schools just for them because they need to be in that kind of environment and not feel a shame when their in regular schools feeling like people are judging them.

Charles,67, said

Pregnant teens should attend the regular school environment because it’s the same as going to the other school it’s just that they are all pregnant.

Parents have to understand that it’s not like the teen wanted to get pregnant it was an accident so parents should help out their child.

Philadelphia thinks that teen pregnancies should no longer go on which I mean they think that parents should sit down with their kids and talk to them about what pregnancies after sex and the major impact that it has on their lives at such a young age.Parents also thought that although you child is pregnant and their wrong for getting pregnant they think that they need all the support that they can get , they need guidance and love and comfort.

S. Preister