Most people who use WIC use it because their income is not where they want it to be. There are several different wic offices located in Philadelphia one in Kensington,Germantown,Olney,Woodland,Aramingo,Lehigh,Frankford,Overbrook and Northeast. WIC helps women infants and children by providing them with milk,fruit cereal and many Most people who don’t have a reasonable amount of Money Get Food stamps. The More children You have usually means the More Food Stamps You Get.

According to Patricia Hord wic was always around, they had WIC back in the day to help out families. WIC has been around for 40 years and been helping families every since. Wic gives mothers not only food stamps but also buy cash on ebt cards so that you can get other things other than just food.WIC isn’t the best idea of making it in life but it really is a big help to families who need the help, but you really don’t want to live off the government for the rest of your life. Please call 215-248-1500 wic can help you like it helps others.