If you’re living in Philadelphia facing unemployment, There’s a great center I Would recommend . The unemployment information center. Located on 112 North Broad street. Hours of operation are 8 am to 4pm on Maybe you don’t live near broad street. You could also Give them a call @ 814-877-4863.
Just because you’re unemployed doesn’t mean you’ll be broke. The Unemployment information center Pays 25 dollars each month for PUP members and The Unemployed. They also have a big event called “Jazz for the jobless fundraiser” And at that event they serve Home cooked soul food and whatever money they get from people buying the tickets They split and give the to the unemployed. Also, you didn’t have to have your high school diploma, or be a college graduate student. So I would recommend this unemployment center because not only does it help you look for a job, It pays you while doing it.