Phone Number:215-882-0073
Location: Tow truck driver; he’s everywhere
Hours Open: 10am- whenever
Owner: Anthony Kitt
Why did he/she start this business?: He was into towing and decided to open his own shop and work with cars.
Why did she pick this location?: He thought that this was the best place to apply his services.
How does his/ hers business benefit the community?:He offers quality service to neighborhoods that don’t get quality service.

Larry Lines Unisex Hair Salon
Phone Number:
Location: Wyneva St., Philadelphia Pa
Hours Open: 7am-8pm
Owner: Larry Lines
Why did he start this business?: He was inspired because he had a job and was fired by his boss and that event in his life made him want to be his own boss.
Why did he pick this location?: After he got fired from his previous job, he found a place in this neighborhood and opened his own shop.
How does his business benefit the community?: His business benefits the community because it’s not really about the adults; it’s about the kids and teaching them how to be successful, finding jobs, finding good schools & colleges, as well as, being a man in this world and how a man is supposed to act.