Located on the streets of 3322 W Chelten Ave located in Philadelphia PA, you’ll see a beautiful restaurant known as Rose Petals Cafe. Many may have not heard of this cafe, this is why we are creating this website to help businesses like Rose Petal Cafe stand out more. Owned by a african american man that goes by the name of Dasmin Daniel and his wife, his cafe is described as one where you can have a quick bite and one that has great desserts. Not only that but Rose Petal Cafe also provides free wifi, a child entertainment room, and speciality smoothies.

What may have inspired them? Well, Dasmin Daniel wanted to not only be his own boss, but to own a cafe in a community that needed one. The cafe’s atmosphere can be described as cozy and warm, welcoming to any visitor that comes by to grab a snack or either just visit to take a look. Some might think of owning a business to be difficult or hard, but in fact Dasmin Daniel claims to enjoy it and that that it’s a fun experience. For a regular customer, you might expect to pay 8-12 when buying anything from their menu. 12+ if you include drinks. But of course, we will not tell you the prices without including what they sell. Rose Petal Cafe sells a variety of waffles: to chocolate chips, wheat waffles, and The strawberry Rose Delight to Peanut Butter, Spinach, and spicy turkey sausage. Drinks consisting of Rose Petal special, Peachy mango, and much more.

If you ever happen to come around Chelten Ave, I would suggest to stop by the Rose Petal Cafe to grab a delicious bite and tell them that Najiah sent you!