There are a lot of businesses in Germantown owned by black people. Most are barber shops, food places, furniture stores, and hair salon. But, I decided to go to a mechanic’s business owned by my uncle and a barber shop owned by a family friend. The mechanic’s business is called Mr. kitt; he doesn’t just work on cars, he tow’s cars as well and provides services in neighborhoods that don’t have their own provided services. It’s not just germantown, it’s other neighborhoods too. He started his business when he noticed as a kid that he was very interested in cars and wanted to work with and around cars. The owner’s name is Anthony Kitt; his business is on Germantown ave. and if you want to contact him for his services his number is 215-882-0073.

The other business that I decided to interview is owned by a family friend. His business is called Larry Lines Unisex Barber Shop. In this barber, It’s all about the kids and teaching them stuff like how to get jobs and get into good schools, as well as how to be a man. If you want to get a haircut his shop is on W. Wyneva st. Whats inspired him to start this business is when he got his very first job, he got laid off by his boss and from that point on he decided to become his own boss so that he would never have to get laid off by another boss. Businesses in Germantown owned by black people show that blacks can be just as successful and equal to whites and that we’re not the average thought of black person.